Dutch Translation of Competitions for XenForo 2016-02-02

Complete translation of the Competitions for XenForo add-on to Dutch / Nederlands.

  1. DeLeTeD
    First, install the XenForo Dutch language if you haven't already.

    In your admin control panel, go to: Appearance > Languages > click "Import a Language" > Choose file > Import as "No Parent" > check "Overwrite language" > choose "Nederlands" > click "Import".


    If you also would like to change the date format so no words are used in the date you can do that by going to

    APC - Options - AVForums.com - Competitions Options

    and change Date Format to

    And then it shows the date like this.

    Thank you for submitting your entry on 04-03-2015.
    The winners will be announced here after the closing date on 11-03-2015.
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    Version: 2016-02-02
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