Ultimate Member 1.3.36 + Premium Extensions

DeLeTeD Apr 4, 2016

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    Ultimate Member - is a relatively new plugin that will help solve many problems associated with the creation of communities.

    It is offering plug frontend - the possibility, and it differs from its analogues much greater capabilities:

    • It offers new profiles and groups of users;
    • in groups can be searched;
    • It allows you to change and adjust the shape of the user registration, login forms and profiles.

    The site administrator or developers can create custom fields in a form, taking into account the different logical conditions.

    By creating a community, you can assign authorized users to arbitrary roles, or restrictions on the content posted on the site.

    Particular advantage is also the fact that Ultimate Member is fully compatible with multisite and Mandrill.

    A handy tool for developer site it will be thanks to the weight of the settings and change the settings, filters and the like.

    The plugin allows you to display user information in the directory of members of the group can choose to show this information by default, or you can hide it.

    The search process for a number of possible criteria, or full, partial matches the search phrase.

    The plugin supports social icons that will allow future site to communicate with the majority of the most common social networks.

    It supports plug-ins and most European languages, including Russian.

    Ultimate Member can be installed on the latest version of WordPress, it is compatible with the majority of existing themes, plug-ins and add-ons.

    In the archive you will find the following additions:

    • bbPress 1.1.3
    • Google reCAPTCHA
    • myCRED 1.2.1
    • Notices 1.1.5
    • Social Activity 1.2.2
    • Social Login 1.3.5
    • Private Messages 1.0.7
    • Profile Completeness 1.1.7
    • Real-time Notifications 1.3.4
    • User Reviews 1.1.6
    • Verified Users 1.0.3

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