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DeLeTeD Apr 4, 2016

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    WP PRO Advertising System - is a plugin designed for WordPress. Its main function is to manage advertising on the site, prepare and sell space for advertising on the site.

    The plugin offers the user full control:

    • the ability to mark the place, adjust their size;
    • the user can use more than 25 templates, which allows you to quickly prepare and place to place advertisements;
    • it supports all formats available shortcodes.

    The plugin gives the user convenient control and statistics system - you can see the number of clicks and conversions for any ads, and separately for each.

    WP PRO Advertising System is convenient, as it allows to display advertisements to HTML blocks, PHP, TEXT. output conditions can be set in detail. Sami ad units you can display on a schedule (at specific time intervals), the blocks can be combined into groups.

    You can set the exact date and time of the show, or do not ask at all times, while the show will be started immediately. The lack of values in the date of the end of the display means that the ad unit will be displayed indefinitely.

    The plugin includes a JavaScript JS, CSS files, PHP, HTML, layered PNG.

    Install WP PRO Advertising System can be many versions of WordPress, starting from version 3.9, and the last version 4.4.

    Display advertising on the site is possible by means of a plug-in pages displayed in Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, as well as Internet Explorer versions 9,10,11.

    The plugin is easy to use, and how to use them can even beginners, and the plugin will be relevant to many different sites as the smallest - personal pages, blogs, and large-scale commercial.
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